Turkish Passport in Architecture
7 October 2013, 12:00 - 13:00
Hall: Fener Hall

Type: Panel Discussion
Subject: Architecture as a Business, Education of Architecture
Organizers: Arkitera Architecture Center

In the post imperial era, the beginning of Turkish diaspora can be related to the immigrations in 1960's to Germany. Generally representing cheap and unqualified labor, Turks were planning to save their incomes as much as possible by not consuming for 'daily pleasure"s and to end their visit as soon as possible to go back to Turkey. This only plan did not work out well and the problems such as identity problems, integrity issues continued until today.

What about the white collar workers and also architects in the Turkish diaspora? There are Turkish architects in different parts of the world for work, internship, post graduate studies or various programmes... Even if it is not possible to find out the number of Turkish architects working for starchitects, some of them come back to Turkey -especially to Istanbul- to share their notions with Turkish architecture scene. What about a comparative evaluation between the local and global architectural environments? What do international offices pay attention to when they hier architects from developing countries like Turkey? All these questions and more will be answered in the scope of the panel session.

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