Walkability: Shared Surfaces / Designing Surface of Istanbul’s Public Realm
7 October 2013, 10:30 - 19:00
Hall: Lale Hall

Type: Workshop
Organizers: Arkitera Architecture Center

The workshop will explore the architectural notion of the 6th Façade - the ground - as a city design strategy for Istanbul to realize an ‘imagable' and ‘walkable' public realm network.
//In the spirit of BYPASS, Talatpaşa Cd., linking Kagithane to Levent, will be the source of the workshop's intense one-day focus. This pilot study will be the seed thinking for creating Istanbul's walkable network. Talatpaşa Cd. transcends municipal boundaries weaving commercial, natural and neighborhood networks into distinct neighborhoods as ‘imageable' places and as a legible experiential whole. Such axis across greater Istanbul are important nodes in our objective to create a distinguished, vibrant walkable public realm for greater Istanbul resident's and visitors.
The workshop will focus on the design of the ground surface as an invaluable and vast shared surface we touch, see and experience throughout the city. Particularly the workshop will explore the critical values for urban experience: Quality, Identity, and Aesthetics. The priorities will initiate with 11+ design parameters: walkable comfort, accessibility, lighting, green, kiosks/furnishing, paving and curbs, traffic calming, uses of street zone, signage, art, seasonal activities, as well as topics arising from the workshop groups. The prioritized topics by the workshop teams will be used to advance the qualitative and quantitative aspects of a design approach. The outcome of each workshop team will be: to prioritize ‘essential parameters', to strategize a design concept to integrate the street as a public space network into a coherent quality experience of the Istanbul's transit oriented design and public realm, and to specifically make a design proposition for a component of the street realm that amplifies the identity and access to Istanbuls' unqiue and localized commercial and residential neighborhoods.

Each group will be asked to charrette in teams of 6. The late morning session will be to develop a specific city design strategy ‘essential parameters' of the 6th façade for the street public realm. The afternoon session will be to develop on specific architectural design aspect of the 6th façade to be presented to a Jury for discussion. A mix of architects and urban designers from the municipalities, professionals, academics and students will make up the teams inviting discussions of participation and representation in this design oriented urban change.

Open CALL: 12 positions

The workshop is aimed to engage a wider student and young professional group into the discussion of the street as an invaluable public realm. The 12 people selected for the workshop will work hands-on with Alexis Sanal prior to the workshop day to do a reconnaissance analysis of Talatpaşa Cd as a whole and as three distinct districts. The outcomes from the analysis will be a fundamental part of the workshop and will also be used in the LIVABLE LOVALBE ISTANBUL initiative for a walkable public realm network across greater Istanbul:
A// Urban Downtown
B// Urban Neighborhood/Commercial and
C// Valley Residential/Industrial.

Analysis: October 4-6
Workshop: October 7
Submission for selection review:
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