What is ARKIMEET ?

ARKIMEET is developed as the most significant meeting platform among the architects in Turkey. With the motto "ARCHITECTS MEET in ISTANBUL", the event will comprise national and international conferences and panels and award ceremonies to honor individuals and institutions which contribute to the improvement of the urban quality.

In addition to these activities and awards, it is aimed to provide opportunities to establish one-to-one connections among the participants and providing appropriate meeting occasions.

Theme: "What's Next?"

ARKIMEET 2014 focuses on the future. 

The theme of the event - launched with the motto "Architects Meet in Istanbul"- has been designated as "What's Next?". 

Debates of our recent past, became obsolete in today's context. We got beyond the limits and 'globalized'; Is it a victory or a loss? Are we really getting socialized with social media? So how all this metamorphosis affect the cities we live in, buildings we use and products we buy?

How does this uncertainty effect the designers, since we are not even capable of projecting our near future? What is the role of this blind perception and how determinant is it for the transformation of urban spaces? How would architecture shape its own way in this rapid and innovative process? And what about designers? Will they see this process as an opportunity and a novel concept? Above all, what kind of future awaits us and our environments?

For detailed information about ARKIMEET 2014 please keep following this web site.

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