20 November 2014, 10:30 - 11:00
Hall: Atik Pasha Grand Ballroom

Type: Conference
Subject: Urban

Martin Biewenga

Urban Designer
In a departure from the old demolish and install engineering methodology, or the current preserve and protect model, West 8 have been adding and expressing new natures. The real future in today's debate about sustainability lies not in a political or philosophical dialogue about what we are protecting or how we are going to 'sustain' it, but rather how to actively create new ecologies in different levels. Creating land and then painting it: in many ways, this is the soul of Dutch culture.

This lecture by Martin Biewenga titled 'Reframe' will showcase West 8's philosophy of creating a 'Second Nature' in the pragmatic process using examples of a few recent and upcoming projects located in Asia, the Netherlands and Middle East.

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