Environmental Graphic Design and Graphic Pollution in the City
19 November 2014, 16:15 - 16:30
Hall: Atik Pasha Grand Ballroom

Type: Conference
Subject: Design

Melike Taşçıoğlu

Graphics Designer
“Signboards are for 60 Liras. Design is for free.”
Before computers involve in our lives sign writers were talented and could show their typographical knowledge in their windows. Nowadays almost every “print center” or anyone who “could use computers” can design signboards, logo, posters or flyers. Does that democratize the design or pollute it?
Grafical design in the environment is a medium where the space meets communication. As it pushes the boundries in cities, shops and redirecting, how healthy is the cheap graphical products in the street? Moreover, is environmental graphical pollution infectious?

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