First Utopias of Humanity: The Cities of 1001 Arabian Nights and the Narratives of Justice, Equality, Kindness
20 November 2014, 12:15 - 12:30
Hall: Atik Pasha Grand Ballroom

Type: Conference
Subject: Urban

Fairy tales are maybe the best medium to convey the prospects of human virtues and kindness of communities to the people by indirect, secretive way without imposing.
One Thousand and One Nights is amongst this fairy tales. It is especially the most important tale with names of cities, places, sovereigns.
On transcendental cities like Baghdad, Damascus, Cairo these tales tell about elusive virtues such as non-hierarchical relationship between people, freedom, conscience, justice. One Thousand and One Nights think about the individual and society as a whole and conveys the ideal relationship between people in a hidden way. It is unique even in an epistemological point of view.

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