If There is a Tradition, There is a Future!
20 November 2014, 15:45 - 16:15
Hall: Atik Pasha Grand Ballroom

Type: Dialog
Subject: Architecture, Urban

Alim Arlı

“It is the God that creating, generating, shaping” 59:24
Almost there is no changes on the form of worship in Islam from the beginning. But the places of the worship are changing and keep going to change as an architectural product. In terms of semiotic, the relationship between signifier and signified could be between physical worship and self. In this manner, a direct relation between the form of mosque and meaning is coming up.
On the one hand, today, over sanctity is attributing on place of worship, on the other hand even the basic needs of the functionality can be ignored. Neither contemporary experiments nor bad repetitions can stay apart from this criticism. The point of form of mosque on social perception and “beautiful”s absence to be felt should be researched in relation with todays architectural critics. Would the relation between form and meaning with building tradition be established again?
Connecting with tradition bravely can cause some situations conflicting with “conservatism”. 

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