Interaction Planning
19 November 2014, 11:30 - 11:45
Hall: Atik Pasha Grand Ballroom

Type: Conference
Subject: Sustainability & Innovation, Urban

Damiano Cerrone

Urban Planner, SPIN Unit Coordinator
Planning in 3rd industrial revolution
Current society is fully involved in the development of the third industrial revolution. Activity patterns are in constant evolution, sometimes taking unpredictable turns. While we are trying to ensure political stability, the use of social media and ICT became the pillars of movements and uprises that are redesigning politics at the daily basis. Economy is still tied to the consumption of oil based products which is depended on global trends while hitting on local businesses. This is resulting in a climate of uncertainty where long term and land use planning become obsolete and unfit to deal with those changes.
How this uncertainty effect urban design? How would architecture shape its own way in this rapid and innovative process? And what about the profession of designers? Self organising phenomena are constantly reshaping the city we live in and the objects we produce. People are no more using space or design object the way they were conceived: mobility patterns are constantly redesigned by shortcuts made visible by location services, design objects are misused to adapt to new alternative purposes, electronics are hacked and the use of space can change at weekly basis. The notion of land use use needs a new metaphysical definition less related to time and more on opportunities.
This talk will explore the main questions for nowadays planners and designers, while proposing solutions for the near future. We believe that planners and designer will no longer use the notion of use to plan cities or design object. They will rather design interactions between people and the city by reintroducing concepts of humanisms and proxemics to learn again from the people themselves what is more suitable to satisfy an elusive and transient demand for change.

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