Nevzat Sayın

Nevzat Sayın Mimarlık

Nevzat Sayın, born in 1954, finished high-school and studied architecture in Izmir. His presence in Izmir and the surrounding area during his education eventually embedded the “Aegean Culture” in him. He worked with Cengiz Bektas for four years, which he recalls as “education after school”. He made journeys in archeological sites in Aegean region, taking photographs for two years. Until 1990’s he continued his architectural practice in different architectural office formations. In 2004, his works has been published in a book edited by Tansel Korkmaz. He has been nominated and awarded both in Turkey and abroad with his architectural production. Nevzat Sayın is also active in education where he attended as studio instructors in various schools of architecture in Turkey. Currently he is teaching in Istanbul Bilgi University Graduate School of Architecture, of which he is one of the founders. He continues to organize summer workshops for students, gives lectures and interviews, attends exhibitions and writes on architecture and urbanism issues. 
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