Melike Taşçıoğlu

Anadolu Üniversitesi GSF

Graphics Designer
Melike Taşçıoğlu was born in 1979 in Ankara. Following her education at the Department of Graphics in Anadolu University, she continued her undergraduate education at the Faculty of Art, Design and Art History in San Diego State University. After she got her master degree at Graphics in Anadolu University, she studied one year in Cologne University. She got her Phd 
in the field of art in Anadolu University.
Melike Taşçıoğlu lives in Eskişehir and she is a faculty member in the Department of Graphics in Anadolu University. She gives lectures about pattern, illustration, print-painting, graphic design, and book design in the undergraduate courses and lectures about corporate identity design and environmental graphic design in the graduate ones. She has taken part in several art and design events in the country and abroad; participated in juries and in exhibitions; hold national and international solo exhibitions; written numerous papers and articles; and translated some graphic design books. She has also written two books named, “Bir Görsel İletişim Platformu Olarak Kitap” and “Bir Görsel İletişim Platformu Olarak Mekan”.
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