Damiano Cerrone


Urban Planner, SPIN Unit Coordinator
Damiano Cerrone trained as a spatial planner and analyst first in Rome, at Sapienza University, and later at the Estonian Academy of Arts in Tallinn, where he received a master of science in urban studies. During his studies he worked on intense research programs in the cities of Tallinn, Helsinki and Rome. He is currently coordinating the work of the SPIN Unit, a Tallinn-based urban planning research unit, and carrying out a practice-based PhD in Architecture and Planning at the Estonian Academy of Arts. He is regularly involved in the academic field by participating to international conferences and taking part in international research projects, as well as running seminars and workshops in urban modelling.

His personal research focusses on spatial analysis and digital surveys of public space, to study the relations between urban morphology and activity patterns. These analyses look to the scenario of the third industrial revolution, reconsidering the meaning of physical space and society.

At the SPIN Unit we try to develop new practices for urban planning. Particularly we focus on the shift from land-use planning to what we call interaction-based planning. We apply the principles of proxemics to the monitoring of digital traces to uncover the interactions between people and space. Ultimately, we plan on making new short-term planning services available to public and private enterprises.
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