Alim Arlı

İstanbul Şehir Üniversitesi

Alim Arlı is graduated from Ankara University and got his master degree from the same university. He did doctorate at socialogy department in Istanbul University. He worked on social theory, the impacts of changing employment structure at urban and rural transformation in his master project. He did post-doctoral research in Wisconsin University (2010-2011). He worked as an academician at Istanbul University and Pamukkale University and also he has worked as the consultant of chairman of the Council of Higher Education about elimination of unequality on higher education and quality policy on education for 3 years. He is now working as a lecturer at Istanbul Şehir University Sociology Department and as the director of Social Scienses Institute. He is doing researchs on social theory, socio-spatial theory, urban sooiology and educational sociology. He published five books as copyright and compilation.
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