Gökhan Karakuş


Designer, Theorist
Gökhan Karakuş is a designer and theorist who studied architectural history and theory at the Columbia University and Vassar College in New York, USA.
The author and editor of the books, “Contempoary Turkish Architecture in Stone” (2014), Wallpaper Istanbul City Guide (2012, 2014),  “Turkish Touch in Design” (2007) and “Turkish Architecture Now” (2009), Karakuş works as an architecture critic, curator, lecturer, theoretician and designer. His field of study is especially related to locality in design, modernism and architecture.
He has written for the Architectural Record, Architectural Review, Wallpaper, Detail and The Architect’s Journal and was the Editorial Director of Natura magazine. He has taught architecture and design at Istanbul Technical University, Bilgi University and Politecnico di Milano.
He is currently director of the Istanbul based design studio EMEDYA DESIGN. His recent works include the design of marble mosaics based on computational design and digital fabrication in the “Hyperarchaic Tectonics” exhibition at the London Design Festival 2014 and Istanbul Design Biennial 2014 and advanced design research on wayfinding/placemarking in Istanbul.
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