Ayhan Gider

Çanakkale İl Özel İdaresi

Secretary General
He was born in Çanakkale, Biga in 1969. 
He graduated from Bursa Agricultural Enterprise and Agricultural Vocational High School as agricultural technician in 1987 and started his job at Adana Provincial Directorate of Agriculture in the same year.
He graduated from Agricultural Faculty at Çukurova University as agricultural engineer in 1992. In the same year, he was appointed to Governership of Çanakkale and then to Eceabat District Directorate of Agriculture.
He was appointed to Çan District Directorate of Agriculture as district director of agriculture in 1995.
He was appointed to Çanakkale Provincial Directorate of Agriculture in 2003.
He has started to working as Secretary Seneral of Special Srovincial Administration of Çanakkale.
He is also;
Working as vice chairman of Water Transportation Tourism Trade Corporation and member of the board of Çanakkale Organized Industrial Zone.
Ayhan Gider is married with two children.
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