Honest Architecture
19 November 2014, 15:30 - 15:45
Hall: Atik Pasha Grand Ballroom

Type: Conference
Subject: Architecture

Sinan Logie

The post-cold war years witnessed an impressive speeding of the architectural production. New markets such as China, Dubai, Moscow or Istanbul became the fields of expression for a standardized architecture. In this frame, the dominancy of the computer imaging is uniformasing the context. The surface of earth being resumed to a mapping. Moreover the question of space has evaporated. Space has become a generic entity, hidden behind spectacular façades. 

On the other hand, technology is promoted as the only way to deal with the ecological and urban crisis. Green buildings, smart cities are promoted by mainstream companies. And architects are continuing gently to perform their renders to support this deformed vision.
How to reconquer space as the essential question of architecture?
Honesty towards people, nature and materials might be an issue.

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